• IQS, committed to developing the talent of doctoral students

Tuesday, 13 December, 2022
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS

Through the “PhD Talent Programme” that IQS launched in 2022, doctoral candidates are learning about Power Skills. The aim is for the students to be recognized in the labour market both for their technical skills and for their personal and social skills.

This talent programme, which involves an institutional commitment to educating doctoral students beyond academic training, forms part of the European Commission's HRS4R (HR Strategy for Researchers ) strategy.

Individual mentoring, group mentoring, and skills training represent the three phases of the programme, which will be carried out over three years depending on the needs of the participants and their academic year.

Led by Kalidoscopia, a cooperative that specializes in people's wellbeing in the workplace, the mentoring programme helps participants handle obstacles that are inherent to the doctoral experience and expand their education beyond the classroom alone, giving them ongoing mentorship from a psychologist and coach.

In addition, the "PhD Talent Programme" also includes workshops and sessions on leadership skills and self-awareness, techniques, and practical resources to improve their employability and generate synergies within the group.