• IQS Launches a Finance Laboratory with Access to Cutting-edge Technology

Wednesday, 23 February, 2022
IQS School of Management

IQS has added a Finance Laboratory to advance teaching in subjects within the financial area for undergraduate programmes and master's degrees at the IQS School of Management to improve learning outcomes. In the laboratory’s 150 m2 classroom, computers have been equipped with access to the Refinitiv Workspace platform (formerly Thomson Reuters Eikon, now owned by the London Stock Exchange Group).

Refinitiv Workspace provides access to real-time information on financial markets: Financial Statements, Stock Prices, Bond Markets, Currencies, Derivatives, Investment Funds, ETFs, Commodities, Real Estate, and more. It also includes DataStream to obtain and analyse macroeconomic and international trade data.

In total, the IQS Finance Lab offers access to 40,000 financial and stock markets and institutions from 190 countries. In addition, it runs more than 130 analysis, trading, and risk management applications in the area of finance to offer solutions in the fields of Business and Stock Investment, Consulting, Trading, and Risk and Wealth Management.

Refinitiv Workspace enables IQS students to get hands-on experience with real-world markets thanks to a tool that incorporates the main financial companies worldwide: financial entities, banks, multinationals, and government agencies. Connected to stock exchanges around the world, it expands students' financial knowledge and enables them to work with the software used by the world's leading organizations, preparing them for future careers in the field of finance and economics.