• IQS Presents the Most Innovative Industrial Startups at 4YFN

Thursday, 01 July, 2021
IQS Tech Factory


  • IQS took part in 4YFN with its IQS Tech Factory division, the only industrial startup accelerator in Spain.
  • Startups from the med tech, health, food tech, and robotics sectors participated.
  • IQS Tech Factory has supported 82 industrial startups that have obtained 43 million euros in financing.

At the Four Years From Now (4YFN) event held within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, IQS presented a selection of today’s most promising industrial-based startups. IQS was able to do so through its IQS Tech Factory division, the only industrial startup accelerator in Spain.

During the event, IQS brought visibility to ten of the best startups supported by the university in sectors such as medicine, food, robotics, and more. Specifically, the startups BitMetrics, Bronze, Engidi, Kibus Petcare, Mixo, New Born Solutions, Nova Meat, Oxeen, Plug&Health, and Steering Machines participated.

Among the companies that stood out in the med tech sector, an area in which initiatives that seek solutions to issues in the healthcare field were presented, were Oxeen, a startup that is developing a monitoring and management system for people with healthcare needs, New Born Solutions, which has created a non-invasive medical device to detect meningitis in newborns, and Plug & Health, which monitors multiple vital signs for patients in real time along with the added advantage of allowing the monitored patients to remain mobile.

Regarding the category for industrial tech startups, whose objective is to make chain production faster and more efficient, IQS is supporting BitMetrics, a developer of a camera and software combination applied to robotic arms for pick & place environments, Steering Machines, a creator of a robotic platform for industrial uses, and Engidi, whose intelligent safety helmet features a sensor that can reduce accidents.

Finally, the food tech sector, which offers disruptive innovations for human and animal nutrition, was represented by four startups supported by IQS: Nova Meat, which has developed a plant-based protein that resembles the appearance, taste, and texture of animal meat; Kibus Petcare, a device that automatically prepares and serves healthy and balanced pet food; Mixo, which has created a solution for the hospitality sector to prepare mixed beverages; and Bronze, a toaster that always produces a perfect slice of toast thanks to image recognition.

IQS has supported 82 startups through IQS Tech Factory

Entrepreneurial education and promoting the creation of new companies is part of IQS's DNA. To make this a reality, the IQS Tech Factory division is IQS's entrepreneurial activity centre that aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and support the development of new business projects, especially those with a scientific, technical, or industrial nature.

Currently, IQS Tech Factory is the only industrial startup accelerator in Spain. Its actions include the annual IQS Tech Factory Acceleration Program event, the industrial startup acceleration program in which IQS encourages startups with hardware-based projects and other solid technologies to turn their prototypes into an initial production series for industry.

A total of 82 startups have taken advantage of the Acceleration Program, and have obtained over 43 million euros in financing, with 60% of the startups obtaining financing regionally, nationally, and in Europe. In addition, the Acceleration Program has led to the creation of 310 jobs.

Moreover, IQS Tech Factory organizes IQS Tech Fest, the first and only industrial startup festival in Europe and a benchmark in the sector due to its aim to offer visibility to companies that manufacture disruptive technologies and bring together the top international leaders in the industrial innovation ecosystem. The latest edition of IQS Tech Fest, held online in January, focused on sustainability and startups, companies, and investors discussed the current situation and the future of the industry.

IQS Tech Fest also celebrates the end of the Acceleration Program for the year, during which the Most Promising Industrial Startup of the Year is announced. The award for this year’s winner will be a trip to Shenzhen (China), considered the world's foremost manufacturing city and region, to carry out an acceleration program. The last two winners, Steering Machines (2019) and BitMetrics (2020), will be present with IQS at 4YFN.