• Student Life Day, university experiences beyond the classroom

Thursday, 22 April, 2021
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS

Student Life Day took place at IQS on 9 April, organized by IQS students and the Student Life Office (Campus Life Department). The activities offered included sports events, a continuation of the IQS Sports Days that have been held since 2014, expanded through a range of diverse cultural and social activities. During Student Life Day, students left their classroom work to participate in a series of extracurricular activities related to reflections on current social issues, social and collective awareness, and sports. The event was held in a hybrid format, allowing students to participate in person or online based on their personal circumstances considering the pandemic.

The activities were divided into three groups: eGames, Social Discussions, and the "Discovering Barcelona" activity.

During the eGames activities, students were able to compete in the final phase of football (FIFA 2021) and chess (Lichess) competitions. The matches took place at IQS and were streamed online via the Twitch platform. The winners will take part in the eGames tournament organized by UNIJES Sports.

The Social Discussions included five sessions. The first, led by psychologist Natàlia Pomar, was called "How to care for yourself during a pandemic," and aimed to provide tools and internal resources to address uncertain situations, such as the pandemic, to manage emotions the best way possible. The second talk was held during the last session of the Student Life Forum (a series of five earlier forums organized through support from the Department of Ethics and Christian Thought), and was entitled "How the pandemic has changed me." This talk took place in a roundtable format in which students exchanged their experiences about how they handled the changes to normal life due to the lockdown and the pandemic. As part of the Student Life Day activities, a session on the circular economy was also held, organized by the IQS Green Fridays student group and supported by the IQS Alumni Association. In addition, Professor Laura Inés Fernández led the “Debate League” session to set up the IQS team, and they worked on preparation and competition for different debate leagues that are held in various locations. Finally, within the framework of the “Social Discussions,” the Department of Christian Ethics and Social Thought partnered with Ignatius 500 to lead the session “Discernment: the seven rules,” in which advice, reflections, and experiences aimed at facilitating decision-making processes that could be relevant in the future for any student or individual were addressed.

Finally, the event dedicated to “Discovering Barcelona” included a visit to the Barcelona History Museum and an activity in Barcelona's Born neighbourhood. These activities were designed for students who are currently participating in the IQS exchange programme during the second semester of this academic year.