• Research

Research is one of the primary activities in which IQS engages as an institution of higher education, along with teaching and knowledge and technology transfer.

In general, the various research lies are led by IQS faculty members, and the university relies on collaboration with other researchers (post-doctoral students, visiting researchers, research partners, technical support staff, PhD students, and master's degree students conducting their Master Thesis). All researchers at IQS fall within Academic Departments (stable structures) and Research Groups or Chairs (flexible operating structures, which can be multidisciplinary). Collaboration with other universities, research centres, hospitals, and companies is essential for consolidating and positioning IQS within the scientific research, technological development, and innovation ecosystem.

The research activity often takes place in specific laboratories and workshops equipped with instruments. Computer applications, electronic equipment, databases, and other digital resources are also available.

Within the major scientific disciplines of the academic activity at IQS, the Research Groups define specific lines of research that are focused on challenges society faces and producing knowledge and are framed within the various doctoral programmes. Considering a more basic perspective, our research focuses on serving society and providing useful applications to the industrial and business worlds.

By publishing scientific articles, carrying out doctoral theses, organizing and participating in conferences, applying for patents, and disseminating information to the general public, the knowledge produced through research is shared with society. The impact of university research results on society affects the quality and prestige of IQS, especially in terms attracting talent both with new students and new professors and researchers.