• Objectives and Competences

Objectives of the Undergraduate Program

The Biotechnology and Bioengineering programs at IQS focus on the areas of health, industry and research.

This program is oriented to discover the biochemical and molecular mechanisms that determine the functioning of cells, tissues and living beings. You will also be trained in the industrial production of biotechnological products in order to detect and cure diseases, develop medical devices and improve health and human life.

Competences to be acquired

A student of the Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology will acquire the following competences:

Knowing and understanding advanced knowledge in a specific scientific field.

Ability to apply the knowledge acquired professionally.

Ability to gather and understand relevant data to support logical arguments with empirical representations.

Ability to present ideas, problems and solutions to a specialized and lay audience.

Ability to undertake further studies with a high level of independence.

Ability to communicate effectively in English.

Ability to work in a team.

Ability to work in multidisciplinary surroundings.

Ability to appreciate the impact of professional activity on the sustainable development of society.

Ability to responsibly incorporate ethical arguments in a professional environment.

Ability to include innovative aspects related to the field.

Understand and apply your knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology to the field of biotechnology.

Understand and use general knowledge of information technology, technical English, ethics and management in the field of biotechnology.

Understand and apply advanced knowledge of biosciences and engineering to carry out activities in the field of biotechnology.

Use tools, systems or processes to obtain the requirements established in the activities.

Design processes and experiments in order to obtain the desired results of the activity. 

Integrate the knowledge and tools used in biotechnology to apply them to the different industrial sectors that use, develop or produce biotechnological products or processes.

Analyze, integrate and interpret data and information in the field of biosciences.

Evaluate the risks of using chemical and biological substances.