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No spots available. We have closed the admission process for the 2022-23 academic year of the Undergraduate Programm in Biomedical Sciences. In case there are any changes before the beginning of the academic year, we will reopen the process.

Biosciences studies at IQS, including the Undergraduate Programmes in Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences and the Master's Degree in Bioengineering, are focused on the healthcare, industrial, and research sectors.

They are aimed at uncovering the biological foundations that lead to the appearance of diseases in human beings. Students will learn how to better understand the pathological mechanisms that cause diseases to know how to treat them more efficiently through applying basic research in the field of medicine.

Key information

4 academic years (8 semesters)
240 ECTS credits

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 2:30 pm

Recommended secondary school electives
Math, Chemistry, and Biology

First academic year in Spanish. Following years trilingual: Spanish, Catalan, and English.

Why study Biomedical Sciences at IQS?

The largest teaching laboratory in Spain, equipped with the latest technology

Up to three hours a day of laboratory work from the very first year

Possibility of international exchanges at foreign universities

In-company internships

Job Exchange and Career Services

IQS Laboratories

8,300 m2

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