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Objectives of the Undergraduate Programme

You will develop the knowledge and skills to lead and create the companies of the future through innovation and strategic thinking.

We encourage students to gain international exposure with study tours, a group taught entirely in English and exchanges with foreign universities so that you become a versatile professional capable of developing your career in a highly competitive global environment.

We help our students understand the decisive factors and mechanisms in how an individual economy behaves within a global context.

We teach our students about economic policies within a national and international framework.

Our students can understand company concepts and the role of a company in the market economy and its organisational behaviour.

Our students will learn about economic relations in the global economy, the factors involved and the places where they occur.

Our students obtain a global and comprehensive overview of all functions carried out in each department in a company (finance, marketing, etc.), together with their corresponding tools and common practices.

Our students learn how to recognise and understand the basics of people's behaviour in organisations, as well as identify the priority objectives in the work environment.

IQS students learn about civil, commercial, tax and labour law. They gave a good command of how the law works and the concepts related to business associations and risk prevention from a legal point of view. They are familiar with the tax and labour legislation that affects a company.

IQS graduates can synthesise and analyse an economic situation with all its implications, by thoroughly analysing its details and highlighting its fundamental ideas.

IQS graduates can analyse economic realities from an open and global perspective.

Our students can lead, collaborate, cooperate and work in a team.

Our students can analyse a company’s financial situation and choose the most suitable policies and strategies.

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