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Key points

4 years (8 semesters)

240 ECTS credits

Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (1st and 2nd year)
15:00 to 20:00 (3rd and 4th year)

Dual International Undergraduate Programme
Obtain an official Dual International Undergraduate Degree at a university in the United Kingdom, Sweden, France or Germany

100% in English or gradually from Spanish towards English.

Practice in the Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab

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In a globalized world like the one we live in today, the opportunity to spend an academic year abroad and obtaining a dual international degree gives you the chance to learn about other places both culturally and professionally.

Joan Tristany 
Student of the Undergraduate Programme in Marketing

University of Northumbria, in Newcastle (United Kingdom).

Jönköping International Business School, in Jönköping (Sweden).

Rennes School of Business, in Rennes (France).

Pforzheim University, in Pforzheim (Germany).

Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab

From this course, students have the new Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab to teach the degree subjects.

The IQS Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab is an innovative physical space which combines advanced digital marketing software and state-of the art Neuromarketing tools, for a better learning experience. It allows to understand consumer behavior in both the digital and the physical world in order to develop customer-centric products, services and experiences.

The new lab can equip students with the analytical skills required in today's data driven environment, and exposes them to scientific process of Neuromarketing, enabling them to design, conduct and analyze studies in order to improve the customer experience for products and services.

Why study marketing at IQS?

Get trained in the discipline of Marketing and Digital Communication at IQS. In the Undergraduate Programme in Marketing you will get a global vision that will allow you to focus your knowledge towards Digital Strategy, Internationalization, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communication, so you will become one of the professionals most in demand today by companies.

This programme has a strong international component. You will learn to manage in the global environment and you will be prepared to take on managerial tasks in the new professions of the digital economy, marketing management, Social Media or business internationalization. If you study at the IQS, you will have access to:

Internships in Spain or other countries

IQS Job Exchange: professional opportunities in the field of Marketing, Business and Communication

Dual International Undergraduate Programme at a university in the United Kingdom, Sweden, France or Germany

Subjects in English. The third year is entirely taught in English to promote the international projection of our students.

Learn other languages such as German or French during the double degree exchange.

We boost your Marketing career with Workshops, orientation on the presentation of CV and competence interviews.

IQS Experience

Marc is a 4th year student in the Undergraduate Programme in Marketing. In the third year he had the opportunity to study for an academic year in Sweden as part of the curriculum, which allows him to obtain a dual international degree.

See dual international undergraduate

Prepare your future at IQS

Are you wondering where you can study the marketing career? Taking the IQS marketing degree in Barcelona allows the student to fully develop everything that is needed to work in marketing, since IQS is considered one of the best universities in Spain to study marketing.

Move successfully in an environment that is increasingly competitive, global, changing and full of challenges. Become one of the professionals currently most in demand by companies. We will help you with our methodology, with a strong commitment to practice. This is how we make sure that you acquire the necessary skills to manage and create innovative companies that compete in the international market. Bet on IQS, you won't regret it! Think about your future, and ask us for all the information you need.

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