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More than 100 international agreements with universities around the globe

One of the main objectives at IQS is to promote internationalization for students through academic exchange programmes at the most prestigious foreign academic institutions around the world. For this reason, we offer students the possibility of studying abroad to gain knowledge and develop skills that allow them to live independently in a global and culturally diverse world.

International relations

During the second semester of the third year in the IQS Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management, students have the opportunity to spend an academic semester at one of the foreign universities in our network of international partners. During their time abroad, students take optional subjects related to tourism and hospitality management for which transfer credits are earned.

Students can study abroad both within the framework of the European ERASMUS programme and through our bilateral agreements with various American and Asian universities.

Studying abroad while doing the Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management means:

  • Spending a full semester at a partner university and learning about other academic teaching methods.
  • Increasing learning opportunities through transfer credits.
  • Strengthening foreign language skills.
  • Learning to be more flexible and adapt to new situations.
  • Understanding other cultures.
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