• Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management Curriculum

The Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management takes 4 years (8 semesters) to complete and consists of 240 ECTS credits. The curriculum is designed for a full-time student to complete 60 ECTS per academic year.

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First year

First semester  
Business Economics 6
Tourism Markets 4
Geography 6
Analysis and social action 3
Communication Skills 6
English 3
French or German 3
Second semester  
Marketing Fundamentals 6
Human Resources Management 4
Data Management Skills 3
Service Encounters in Tourism and Hospitality 4
Types of Tourism 6
English 3
French or German 3
Total ECTS 60


Second year

First semester  
Data Analysis in Tourism and Hospitality 3
Digital Marketing 4
Tourism Sectors 4
Interpersonal Communication 2
Economics 6
Personal and Professional Skills for Tourism and
Hospitality Management
English 3
French or German 3
Second semester  
Tourism Law 6
Statistics 6
Tourism Anthropology and Sociology 4
Accounting 6
Electronic Distribution in Tourism & Hospitality 3
English 3
French or German  3
Total ECTS 60

Third year

First semester  
Persuasive Communication 2
Event Management 3
Diversity Management 4
Financial Management in Tourism and Hospitality 6
Hotel and Restaurant Management 6
Operational Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality 3
Revenue Management 3
French or German 3
Second semester (to choose) 30
Academic Exchange  
Professional Track  
Total ECTS 60

Fourth year

First semester  
Internship 30
Second semester  
Business Strategies in Tourism and Hospitality 2
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6
Tourism Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 6
Destination Management 4
Final Degree Project 10
Total ECTS 60


Specialization tracks

The Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you six new specialization tracks so you can master the area that best suits your profile and your career plans. In a growing and highly competitive sector, specialization will make you stand out as a young professional and will help you become the best leader in the international tourism, hospitality, events, and leisure industry.

This is the only bachelor's degree in tourism and hospitality management that offers students six possible specializations.

International Hospitality Management

This specialty opens up doors in international hospitality management and gives students in-depth knowledge of the field: strategies, organization, and culture for large chain companies. In addition, students will develop international hospitality skills and be prepared for a successful career in international hospitality.

Event Management and Planning

This specialty prepares students to become specialists in strategic event management and relevant planning standards. This specialization gives students the knowledge and skills they need to carry out the work related to designing and producing events and handling planning in different professional fields.

Innovation and Digital Transformation in Tourism

Promoting digitization for tourism and hospitality companies and creating innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems maximizes the potential of the sector in terms of economic growth and job creation. In addition, digitization contributes to sustainable development through smart destination strategies.

Responsible Tourism in Urban Destinations

This specialization prepares graduates to exercise responsible tourism management in governmental entities with oversight in the field. Maximizing the positive impacts and minimizing the negative impacts of tourism requires knowledge and methodologies for sustainably planning and managing tourism activities to avoid phenomena such as tourismophobia or a destination losing its attractiveness.

Tourism and Hospitality Consultancy

The ability to forecast the market in the sector, design marketing, development, or product plans, and lead relevant projects often require action by external consultants. This specialization enables students to understand the methods in consulting activities and acquire the key competencies to successfully work in this role.

Experience Management in Tourism and Hospitality

Managing the methodologies for designing and leading experiences is key to creating new, innovative, and attractive tourism and hospitality products. This specialization makes students become familiar with the methodologies, techniques, and skills necessary to create these products.