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    Undergraduate Programs, Masters and PhDs

IQS has a limited fund to grant financial aid and to face a part of the cost of the studies for the students that enrol the Undergraduate Programs and the Dual Undergraduate Programs. 

IQS Scholarships application

There are two types of IQS scholarships for all the programs of IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management, except for Pharmacy:

IQS Undergraduate Program for Academic Excellence

IQS Undergraduate Program Family Aid


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Undergraduate program scholarships application

Financial support for IQS Undergraduate Programs

IQS offers discounts to students who meet the following requirements established in the bases.


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Scholarships and financial aids Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy

The students of the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy can apply different Scholarships and Aids.

Financial Aid Scholarship

Academic Scholarship and other aids

Scholarships and Financial Aid Masters

Regarding the Masters, IQS offers scholarships to those students who want to do a Master at IQS, and who have completed their undergraduate studies at another University.

Discover the IQS Master Scholarships

IQS has scholarships and funding for all Master's and Dual Master's degrees (does not apply to the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management) of our study offer.

Master's Scholarship for Academic Excellence

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Bank loans

In turn, students may consider applying for a loan to pay tuition. IQS has preferential conditions agreed with different banking institutions for its students:


Banc Sabadell

Banco Santander

Financial Aids for PhDs

Regarding Doctorates, IQS offers grants to those students who want to do a PhD at IQS

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