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  • Scholarships and Financing

    Undergraduate Programmes, Masters and PhDs

IQS dedicates a limited fund to award financial aid and to help cover financing for a portion of the cost of tuition for students who enrol in Undergraduate and Master's Degree programmes. Scholarships are awarded for Academic Excellence, Financial Aid and International students.

Please consult the information and requirements below.

IQS Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to incoming undergraduate students with the best academic records.

IQS Financial Aid Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are residents of Spain and have financial need.

IQS International Students Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who reside outside of Spain, have financial need, and have excellent academic performance.

IQS Undergraduate Programmes Scholarships

IQS has three different types of scholarships for undergraduate students. To request the scholarship you need to be pre-registered and have been admitted to one of our degrees. Depending on your situation and circumstances, you can ask for the scholarship that best suits your situation and needs. We also have discounts for students with large families and for the second child at IQS.

For the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy we have different scholarships and conditions. The Undergraduate Financial Aid Scholarship must be requested at Blanquerna.

Below, you will find the information brochure and the documents you need to apply for aids and discounts.

IQS Master's Degrees Scholarships

IQS has scholarships and funding for all Master's and Dual Master's degrees (this is not applicable to the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management) taught at the school. Scholarships are awarded for Academic Excellence, Financial Aid and International students.

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Grants for PhDs

IQS promotes that students who want to do a PhDs at IQS can access public or IQS own grants.

Information on FI 2022 grants (AGAUR):

Information on FI-SDUR 2022 grants (AGAUR):

Information on Enric Julià Danés 2022 grants “Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability Doctoral Programm”

Bank loans

In turn, students and families may consider applying for a loan to cover the tuition fees. IQS has preferential conditions agreed with different banking institutions for its students: